Your peace of mind in household billing and payments

One App for All of Your Household Bills

Managing and Keeping Track of Bills ǀ Saving Money on Household Expenses ǀ Quick and Easy Payment ǀ Peace of Mind

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Puts your bills and payments in order

Real-time status reports about payments and bills Monthly/yearly display and analysis of all the household bills

Payment reminders to avoid late fees

Getting reminders about payments dates Converging all of the payable payments

Saves you money on household bills

Alerts regarding irregularities in household bills Detection of payment irregularities

One-Click Bill Payment

Better control over your standing orders
Quick and easy payment

How Does It Work?

You take a picture or email us an old or new bill. Just one bill for each service provider.

We ask the service provider to deliver the bill to you on EcoBill.

That’s it! Next time a bill arrives, you’ll receive a text message through which you can view and pay the bill

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I no longer forget to pay my bills. EcoBill sends me a text on the final day of payment, and I pay immediately”
Guy, Haifa
“All the bills in one place—and everything digitized—thank you”
Tal, Tel-Aviv
"I finally know exactly how much I spend each month on bills…"
Anat, Ramat Gan

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